August-Elizabeth Koproski

Meet Elizabeth Koproski: My paid job is with Athletes in Action where I help facilitate a 5 day conference called Lenses Institute that deals with issues of race, power, culture and the heart of Jesus.  

My day-to-day ministry is at my kids' school, River's Edge Montessori, part of Dayton Public Schools.  I spend about 8 hours a week there volunteering my time.  I mostly help teachers do whatever helps them out the most so that they can spend their valuable time teaching and loving kids.

I also help lead an initiative with our Refugee and Immigrant families that we call Voices of River's Edge.  It is an evening event that allows our ELL families and our American-born families enter into conversation in hopes to build relationships.  

We offer free dinner and free childcare, always provided by Apex house churches.

Pray for Elizabeth: Please pray that the Dayton Public School teachers and the School Board can come to a fair agreement so that school might start up as scheduled for August 14.

 If they strike, there are many kids in Dayton who will have to go to classrooms staffed by substitutes from out of state who do not understand/care for the students as their real teachers will.  For many in the district, school is the only safe and secure place for them, as well as the only place they are ensured to get 2 meals a day.

Contact Elizabeth: Send me an email at or find me on Facebook.

Message for Apex: There is a lot of talk about immigrants and refugees in the news lately.  I can't help think that Jesus was a refugee.  I see the kids at our school and I see the fear and the pain in their eyes.  Many of them are here in Dayton because home was not a safe place for them.

 I feel like it is my job as a follower of Jesus to love them and receive them with open arms.  As a believer, we have nothing to fear... even our own safety.  

Please be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are quick to go on overseas missions, but can you believe the amazing opportunity Jesus has placed right here in our own city?  I will never have the opportunity to go to Iraq, Sudan, or Congo.  Now, I don't have to. All I have to do is go spend a day at River's Edge Montessori!

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