March: Conor's Montgomery County Jail Ministry

About Conor:


We serve a God of redemption! My whole life I had been chasing fulfillment in the things of the world, and nothing quenched my thirst until I met Jesus! In 2011, I was arrested 3 times within 8 months. In just 2 short years and at age 17 I had owned 4 cars, 3 motorcycles, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on drugs and material possessions. I had everything the world has to offer but was so empty.

Two months before graduation on October 3rd, 2014,  God saved me and I surrendered my life to Jesus and was born again! Six weeks after that God called me into the Montgomery County Jail and Juvenile Justice Center to witness and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to incarcerated men. He led me to start a prison ministry named Saving Grace Ministries, where we come alongside men exiting jail and prison to help them re-enter society. God has enabled us to hand out almost 1,000 Bibles to men at the jail. We’ve also been able to give clothing,  food and hygiene products to men re-entering society. It is absolutely beautiful to see the Holy Spirit change men’s lives every week. I have met so many men who have called upon the name of the Lord and been set free! No matter how physically confined a man is, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

Pray for Conor:

Please pray for all the inmates at both the Montgomery County Jail and Juvenile Justice Center. I would ask that you pray for God to be glorified every week and that men would truly fall in love with Jesus. Please pray for their families and loved ones. Many weeks I come home weary and discouraged so please pray for spiritual strength and perseverance for me. Also, pray that the Holy Spirit would give me a refreshed power of boldness and passion, as well as a deeper love for those I serve!

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Facebook: Conor Tait

Message for Apex:

We were all once prisoners! No one is outside the grace of God and no life is too far out to be rescued by Jesus! All we have to do is let Him. We are all former offenders. We all have committed the crime of treason against our God and by the free gift of Jesus Christ we can be washed of our sin and saved. Romans 10:13 reads “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved”. I encourage all who are reading this to call upon Jesus and invite Him into your life and let Him love you!