December: Invitation to God's Mission

Whenever people think about joining God in His mission for the world, they typically think about the cost. Time, money, vacation, safety, family… all may be put at risk.

However, do we ever stop and wonder why our minds immediately drift towards potential loss? In these moments, it is because these gifts reveal their finiteness. Rather than cling tighter to them, I invite you to let them go and look for the gifts that God desires to give that are eternal.

To be fair, eternal gifts are hard to recognize or even enjoy now, because they lack a certain tangibility. However, I encourage you to pray that God would give you His eyes to reveal their worth. May He show you the reality of the world that dwells in spiritual bondage, is enslaved to death, and remains separated from a perfect and good Creator. May He grant you the joy of participating with Him in breaking bonds, freeing captives and welcoming wandering children home.

When those gifts take on flesh, when they have names, when the chains of addiction and darkness are broken or a stranger becomes a brother or a sister, when a lost village begins to worship their Creator—these gifts begin to become tangible and worth pursuing!

Take A Step

Pray. Step out in faith. See how God will free your heart to love new things.

Step 1: Consider taking the Perspectives course. In this course, you will learn from 15 different instructors about how God’s mission pervades all of life. The class will be Tuesdays at 6:30pm, from January 10th to May 9th at South Dayton Presbyterian Church. Apex will reimburse 50% of the course cost upon successful completion. Email Larry Sapp at for more information or register at the Perspectives’ website.

Step 2: Globally make disciples, plant churches or care for orphans. See our missions trips planned for 2017! Apex will be providing fifteen $1,000 matching scholarships for church planting in Peru! Care for orphans in India, Mexico or Haiti! Visit for info.

If you have any questions, feel free to email