July: Joel and Krista

About Joel and Krista

Whether it was hiking into the hidden tribes of Christians in Orissa, India or climbing down into the underground sewers in Bucharest to film the street children huddled together for warmth, we have seen and felt sin’s effects on people…including themselves. It wasn’t long after becoming missionaries that we realized we could not escape their own sin and selfishness just because we were on the “mission field.”

Realizing that there was a lot more to helping people than what we were doing, we both went back to school to study biblical counseling. Joel is the director of Counseling and Pastoral Care at The Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica, and we both train and disciple missionaries who are about to go on to the field.

For over nine years, we have been serving in Central America, and in September 2012, we were blessed to have finally finished the adoption process of two beautiful Costa Rican sisters.

Pray for Joel and Krista

First and foremost, because we are family counselors, we always ask for prayer in our own marriage and family.

We absolutely need wisdom as we search the scriptures for counsel in the lives of missionaries and full-time Christian workers.

Also, we are in the beginning stages of building a small counseling retreat center. Getting this done in a foreign country can be overwhelming and expensive.

Contact Joel and Krista

We love keeping in touch!

You can follow our blog on our website joelandkrista.com

We send out at least two updates each month : The Trekker, our email letting you know more personal news so you know how to pray specifically for us, and The Investment Update, our monthly note to donors that gives an personal glimpse into what we see God teaching us that month and serves as a receipt. Sign up for those on our website!

Email: joelandkrista@gmail.com (It's good for us to hear from you and to know how we can be praying for you as well! Drop us a line!)

                                                                                                    Message for Apex

One thing we've learned on this journey working with missionaries is how vitally important the local church is to the ongoing health of the missionary.

Through close accountability and relationships with the local church, the missionary can proclaim the glory of God in the place he has been sent with confidence and humility.

Joel and Krista will be in Dayton July 24-30 to talk about their partnership with Apex. Please stop by the Connecting Room that weekend to meet them.