October: Marc Belcastro

About Marc Belcastro: 

I grew up in Columbus, and went to OSU. I met my wife to be, Kim, while in medical school at Ohio University. We were married in 1979, and I graduated from medical school in 1981. We have three children and eleven grandchildren (three in heaven) and one on the way.

My heart is for the sick, for those with loss and for hurting children.  I am a pediatrician, and my focus was on newborns. I have spent my life caring and praying for the sick, as well as with parents dealing with illness and even the loss of their baby.

God’s call came during my second year of medical school while working with a believing physician. His grace continued to be evident during my training as He equipped me to become a physician that I did not believe I had the skills for. He also showed up many times to assist me with decisions, to carry me through fatigue and to protect me.

The personal challenges in my life have included the loss of a grandson, a grandson with diabetes and dealing with the distasteful part of medicine-being sued as a physician when you have given your heart and soul for families.

God has recently led me out of the clinical practice of medicine and now into the administrative/executive world at Brigid’s Path. Brigid's Path will be a facility to treat babies born to mothers dependent on opiates. When asked this question: “Why do you choose Brigid's Path?” I chose to assist Jill and Deanna in their vision of Brigid's Path because the Lord led me to them and I wanted to be obedient to the doors He opens in my life.

Pray for Marc:

In my new position, I need wisdom, discernment, courage and keen knowledge. I need God’s direction to manage an incredibly busy schedule with competing priorities.  I covet your prayers for strength to face the many unexpected challenges that arise each and every day in a busy hospital. I ask for prayers for my health and the health of my wife as we move into the 5th and 6th decades of life. Finally, pray that I can stay the course of faith, resist the enemy, stay on my knees and in His Word.

Contact Marc:

The best way to contact me is by email: marc.papadoc@gmail.com.

Message for Apex:

Apex body, I would tell you that I am available to assist you in anyway in regards to healthcare or illness. I consider myself a prayer warrior, and I keep a prayer journal. I would be happy to place your name there and pray for you. I can sometimes assist with navigating our healthcare system, even though I am not practicing medicine myself anymore. Finally, I can assist if you with questions regarding a healthy lifestyle.