10-10-10 Going Strategy

10/10/10 Going Strategic Goal: to reach 10% of all unreached people groups in 10 years with the good news of Jesus.


How can a church strategy that is global in scale actually maintain focus?

Answer: Affinity Blocs

If there is one thing that the Going Ministry wants you to know about our strategy between now and the beginning of the year, it is that our strategy is to build teams around AFFINITY BLOCS.


AFFINITY BLOCS are the most general way to organize the cultures of the world. Every person on the planet can be categorized into one of fifteen AFFINITY BLOCS. To view the different AFFINITY BLOCS and where they are located, please check out the map provided by the Joshua Project before reading on.

What happened to our focus on people groups?

It’s still there. However, the world is made up of nearly 16,000 people groups. It would be almost impossible to create an effective strategy to reach the unreached if we couldn’t organize the efforts in some fashion. Our goal is to reach 10% of all unreached people groups and AFFINITY BLOCS will be the stepping stone to get us there.

how do people groups and AFFINITY BLOCS relate to each other?

Picture a family reunion at a park shelter. You have various levels of relationship happening underneath one roof.

  • Usually you show up with your nuclear family. This would represent your people group. Your customs, language, mannerisms, beliefs are usually the same. You feel most comfortable with this group and no one can influence you quite like them.

  • Next you have your aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents. This would represent what is called a people group cluster. Your nuclear family still operates well within this space, but you will notice differences of opinions and beliefs, though your language, customs and mannerisms may be the same. Your greater family still affects you, but your nuclear family is distinct.

  • Then there is everyone else. Great Aunts, Great Uncles, 2nd and 3rd cousins, friends of the family. All of them fit underneath the shelter, but you may have little to no relationship with them other than a shared last name. Consider this an AFFINITY BLOC. Everyone is related, but the level of influence that each person has with each other is greatly diminished.

So from the smallest grouping (most influential) to the largest grouping (less influential), the spectrum of culture can will look like…

People Group > People Group Cluster > Affinity Bloc

How do I get started?

We completely understand that this strategy may already seem overwhelming. So we are asking you to not jump ahead, but just focus on the task at hand. The Going ministry is building this strategy so that EVERY Apexer can be involved. EVERY Apexer. From the champions who are seen on the stage to the person who has never travelled more than 50 miles from home...


This is the one thing we ask of you between now and the beginning of the year:

Explore the Affinity Blocs and choose ONE to focus on.

To clarify, we are asking you to make a personal decision, not a decision for your house church. When you have chosen your AFFINITY BLOC please fill out this simple form:

How do I choose?

Here are several ways you should consider:

  1. Pray for God to show you the AFFINITY BLOC He wants you to support.

  2. Look over the AFFINITY BLOC packets  in the Connecting Room at Kettering or the Welcome Desk at Xenia and take several that interest you.

  3. Visit the Joshua Project online and look over the data it has for each AFFINITY BLOC.

  4. Begin to take an inventory of all the relationships and experiences you have had with another culture. God may have exposed you to something very simple to help point you in the right direction. Don’t devalue anything.

  5. Go to an ethnic restaurant or festival. Experience the food and the people. Was this a positive or negative experience for you?

There are exciting days to come and we encourage you to take this strategy one step at a time with the hope that you may learn something about yourself and about God’s love for the world.