July- Jim and Sandy Corbin

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About Sandy and Jim: We are now empty nesters, and during this time, God has called us into mission work. Our children were raised with head-knowledge of Jesus; but, we failed as parents to teach and show them that we are saved by relationship with Jesus.

Our family was active in serving others, but we never shared the Gospel. In 2011, we were convicted to go - for GOD - on a mission trip to Rwanda with e3partners/legacy. e3 was founded in 1987 and exists to equip, evangelize and establish house church’s with unengaged and unreached people groups.

Legacy is initiative with e3 that engages families (biological and spiritual) and equips them to be on mission for God. God spoke to both us clearly that we were being given a 2nd chance to impact/engage families on living Gospel-centered lives. We are now volunteer staff with e3.

We recruit, train and lead international church planting trips. We have no theological education; but, what we have is love for the lost, a love for God’s family and a desire to help them give the greatest gift of all: The Gospel. We can’t fix all of poverty, illness, hunger, persecution, war but we can give the lost and hurting the Hope of JESUS.

Pray for the Corbins: For both harvesters to go into the field and for ripe harvest; for obedience of all to say “No” to selfishness and “Yes” to Jesus’ commands; that we all take God out of the box we have put HIM in, and allow HIM to show us how Awesome HE is; protection for all missionaries (short term, long term); for all of us to slow down so we hear the Holy Spirit.

Contact Jim & Sandy:  sandy.corbin@e3partners.org and jim.corbin@e3partners.org

Message for Apex: We’d be blessed to partner with you to make going for God a priority in your and your family’s life. God’s plan from the beginning has been pursuing HIS people. HE promises to always be with us and go before us. God’s command is clear in Matthew 28/Acts 1:8: Go and make disciples in Jerusalem (Dayton), Judea (Ohio), Samaria (USA) and the world."  We challenge you to get out of the boat like Peter and trust God to show you all HE will do in and through you as you live an obedient life.