February: The Phillip's to Mphumalanga, South Africa

About the Phillips:
We are independent missionaries who have partnered with other missionaries in the province of Mphumalanga, South Africa.  Dave manages the construction and development of a 50 acre macadamia farm, which will be a means of support for our ministry.  A vision that is close to his heart is to create programs to provide skills development and micro-businesses that will be a path to sustainability for young adults. Beth is Education Coordinator for 2 preschools, where she writes the curriculum, trains teachers and oversees daily operations. 

Because we work in a society where children are low priority and youth struggle in unhealthy family structures, most of what we do focuses on them.  Our team manages Care Points that feed over 1,300 children a day, conducts Kids Clubs for primary school children and has weekly focus groups with high school girls dealing with purity and sexuality issues.  We nurture the women who cook for the Care Point with Bible studies, have weekly pastoral training and even meet with the ladies who “work” at the dump to share Christ with them. At the farm, camps will be held to help youth with resiliency, spiritual focus, teaching about their gifts and skills, while leading them to discover their God given potential.

Pray for Dave and Beth:
Prayers of support are critical in everything we do.  We ask for prayers that we will remain focused on God’s purpose for us. We also pray for openness from those we minister to as we question and address dark cultural issues like ancestor worship, witchcraft and cultural superstitions while showing what a true relationship with Jesus means. We also ask for prayer for courage to carry out what our Lord is asking from us and that He will provide the resources for our work to continue. 

Contact Dave and Beth:
Email- swazicouple@beinghishandsandfeet.com
Facebook- www.facebook.com/handsandfeetmissions/

Message for Apex:
If someone would have told us 10 years ago that we would be leaving the comforts of America to move to South Africa to serve, we would have told them they were crazy.  When God calls, the only correct answer you can give is  “yes”.  He NEVER promised it would be easy, but He promised to be with you through it all.  When you answer God's call for something He has prepared you for, you have a peace that can only come from God.  We feel very blessed to be serving in South Africa.