November: Walter Grudowski

About Walt Grudowski:  

Most of my adult life I was agnostic, I believed there was a god, but didn’t know him.  I also thought all religions said the same thing.  In 2010, I asked a question about one of those religions that claim to teach peace, that lead me to reading their holy book.

 From reading their book I saw that the claims of peace were lies.  I also saw an evil in that book that proved me wrong about all religions being peaceful.  There was an evil in this world, and it was going to consume all that it was able to fool.  It was through this that I desired to know God and his Son Jesus.  My search was not long. Jesus was behind me all along, tapping me on the shoulder saying “are you ready to know me son?”  

I felt a need to get the word out about the Persecuted Church, they were victims of evil simply because they refused to deny Christ and embrace the lies of the world. The Spirit touched my heart for the Persecuted, while attending a Gathering one day I saw a table in the Missions Café set up by Voice of the Martyrs.  I learned that Voice of the Martyrs spreads the word of the Persecuted Church to churches and helps those that are enduring persecution.

Pray for Walt:  

I am human and flawed.  I spent 28 years in the military. When I hear of persecution I want to respond in a military and aggressive manner.  This isn’t what Christ tells us to do, nor is it what the persecuted want.

 I could use prayer for strength to look at the persecutors as Christ does, to know that we cannot defeat the evil, only Christ can and will as we are told in the Book of Revelation.  I could use prayer to remember we are not fighting flesh and bones, but spirits, as we are told in Ephesians 6.

Contact Walt:  

I can be best reached by my email

Message for Apex:

 I challenge the body of Apex to pray for those that are being persecuted, to know that God loves them and that God’s will be done.  I also challenge them to pray for those that are doing the persecuting. A suggestion on how to pray for those doing the persecuting is to pray that the person finds Christ and leaves that religion for a relationship with God.