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Kettering Update: September 30, 2018

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, Region 4 Elder, Staff Team Lead, and Admin Team member, Chris Cardiff gave an update on the Kettering Preaching Lead Search. Listen to Chris update below:

Xenia Update: October 14, 2018

The new Apex Xenia Preaching Team Lead will arrive the end of this month and his first Sunday to preach will be November 4. We thank the Lord that their home has sold in Salem Oregon. Please pray for a smooth transition to Ohio. God is with us and for us! We praise him for this provision!

Kettering Team:

Elders: Chris Cardiff, Dustin Knoedler, & Mark Withers
Staff: Jesse Bowers, Sue McCoy
HC Network: Joan Eilers

Xenia Team:

Elders: Clem Boyd, Jay Buinicky, & Jay Jackson
Staff: Jenny Weller & Jay Jackson
HC Network: Sarah Craig, Aaron Dell, & Ryan Ruff


If you have questions regarding our search process, please feel free contact us below.