Whether you are in house church or working solo, we have resources to help you get things done!



Apex Sings is a resource to help our house churches have quality time singing together. You can find lyrics to all of our songs as well as chord charts to play along. It was made to be used on phones & tablets so no more printing! To keep it legal, we have to password protect it. The password is: apex.

House Church Questions

Each week we have a team of individuals who create questions based on the weekend sermons to help you and your house church to go deeper in God’s word.

Learning community

The Learning Community is a relational space for our network to gather as family to learn from one another in how we live as kingdom family on mission. We gather every six months in order to train one another in the gospel, empower and seek God’s voice as we prayerfully consider what's next. Questions? Email growing@apexcommunity.org

Foundations Class

If you are curious about Jesus, the Bible, and the foundations of the Christian life, join us in this four-week course.

Volunteer Opportunities

God made the world and gave us skills, abilities, and gifts to use for Him and others in it. We have created a list of opportunities for you to serve throughout the life and ministry of the church at Apex: where we’re gathering together to celebrate God, growing together in Jesus through authentic community and going together into the world. You’ll find what the opportunity is, where it takes place, and who to contact.

Care Ministry

The Apex Care Ministry desires to come alongside hurting people and people dealing with life issues. We accomplish this through our Christ-centered ministry where a competent and quality team of caregivers meet with people while God heals and restores their lives. We also desire to help people become more pleasing to God in their everyday life.

Branches Recovery Ministry

Our Branches for Recovery Ministry has a desire to train House Churches on how to minister to those living in addiction and set help them on the path to recovery. We have made online audio training available to help equip you and your community. Press the button below to learn more. Questions? Email going@apexcommunity.org


Apex can only reimburse expenses that have occurred within the past 30 days. Email the completed form to administration@apexcommunity.org


Facility Resources Request

There is a lot that happens within the walls of Apex every night of the week. We love opening our doors to help support house church needs we simply ask you make sure you reserve space ahead of time. Reserving space at Apex is based on a first-come, first serve basis.